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What the users need in the techno-age where everyone is seeking the hi-tech and advanced technology based products and service. There is an answer for those who always seek such kind of things to accomplish their routine work in the form of Yahoo Email services. Yes, it is the best way through which the users can exchange their vital information in a safe and secured way as the yahoo is known as the safest email service provider due to its inbuilt antivirus software which scans each and every attached file and email before sending or downloading the attachments from the received emails. It has a strong security system which provides the users a secure environment while sending and receiving the emails. The users have an opportunity to utilize it’s some other features if they want through installing its App on their smartphones or they can register on the official website of Yahoo. It has a free version as well as the paid version where the difference between is of features. The users of paid version can utilize some more features in comparison to the free version. We don’t say it that Yahoo Email is an error free service as the users confront them time to time due to non-technical background or any other reason and if that happens then they should not worry as they can resolve the issue through Yahoo Customer Support Number where they will be assisted by the well qualified and certified experts. The users will get the response rapidly with an accurate answer.

Yahoo customer support

Yahoo Email service has some more features which can be defined over here for the users:

We can categorize Yahoo Email in four parts as it has some versions of email for the different kind of users and describe every version for the convenience of the users.

Free Version which can be availed without paying any cost

  • Yahoo Email has 1 TB of storage capacity
  • The users can attach to email as up to 25 MB in the normal manner and up to 100 MB through the built-in ‘Attach Large Files’ app.
  • If the users will remain inactive for 12 months then their account will expire but that can be retrieved.
  • It supports several protocols such as POP3 in Asia or via YPOPs, IMAP via IMAP proxy or via Zimbra, SMTP, and Mail Forwarding in some countries. US users can access through gained free POP3 and Mail Forwarding.
  • There are 100 filters for the users which can automatically sort the incoming messages.
  • It has some awesome spam and virus protection features which can provide the safety of the user’s vital information
  • The users who opt for this version have to suffer from displayed advertisements very often while working with email. There are some text Ads which are added to the footer of outgoing messages from February 2011 onwards.

 The users can avail the free services in an easy manner and if they have some technical glitches related to Yahoo Email then they have the option in the form of Yahoo Email technical support +1-844-294-5017 number (USA 24×7 toll-free Helpline Number) where they will be assisted by qualified technicians to resolve the issues.

Plus/Ad Free Version

The users of Yahoo got the new paid version in November 2011, and that is Yahoo! Mail Plus. The users have to pay for this service a $50 set-up fee and a $20 yearly fee. There are some additional features in Yahoo! Mail Plus which it offers including:

  • It has storage capacity of 25 MB for the emails
  • The message size limit is 10 MB
  • The users can send up to 10 attachments per email.
  • It has a facility where the users can utilize the POP Access and Forwarding mail feature.
  • The users can archive the email messages for the offline access.
  • It has the ability to send Email messages from Yahoo! Mail by using other email domains as well.
  • Yahoo Email has the features to block up to 200 addresses and add 50 filters to help the users in screen unsolicited emails.
  • The users will not face any kind of promotional taglines or advertisements while using Yahoo Email services.
  • There will be no account expiration limit if it is not active.

The user has the option to have the assistance if they confront any technical problem while setting up the Yahoo Plus account in the form of Yahoo Email customer service number where skilled technicians will assist the users in rectifying the issue.

Business Version

yahoo customer service

In this version, it has some features and facilities for those users who want to have an account with multiple Email ids and that is Yahoo! Business Email which is a combination of all of their email services. It includes 10 distinct email accounts and each with the same features of Yahoo! Plus, as well as a personalized domain name and email address. This kind of accounts can be managed by an administrator. The users have to pay a $25 set-up fee and $9.99 monthly fee. It includes some more features:

  • No limit for the email storage capacity.
  • Extra 0 email accounts will be provided to the users.
  • If the users need then they can add up to five custom email addresses and a domain name after paying an additional $35 per year.
  • The Classic Yahoo! Mail underlines addresses and phone numbers in the user’s emails and it allows the user to add all of them to their address book or contact list.

If the users confront any kind of technical glitches while setting up the business account then they have an option to resolve the issues through Yahoo Email helpline number where certified technicians will assist the users in resolving the issues.

 The relevance of Yahoo Email customer care number

After the long list of features of Yahoo Email, there are some technical barriers for the Yahoo Email users which they used to confront very often while using its services and need assistance from Yahoo support toll-free number. We are defining some of the technical problems over her-

  • Yahoo Email Account Compromised: it’s a major issue where the users become helpless and need some help to resolve the same. They have the option in the form of Yahoo Customer support service
  • The users are helpless while sending and receiving email Attachments: the users should not worry if they have such kind issue. They are required to just reach out to Yahoo customer service number to resolve the issue
  • Unable to send and receive the emails:the mail purpose of yahoo is for the exchange of the emails and information and if that will interrupt than the users can ask for the assistance through Yahoo helpline.
  • The users are unable to login:that is really frustrating for the users as they are unable to login yahoo email account. To resolve the same they need assistance and yahoo support service will assist them in the same.

The users are in millions of Yahoo email as it is one of the third largest email service providers in the world. Well, all the users should not be in a panic as Yahoo tech support system comprised of various features through which it can assist the users in resolving the issue. The users are just required to reach out to Yahoo Technical Support Number where they will get the assistance from well qualified and certified experts who will help the users in resolving the issues. These services can be accessed 24×7 online and all the issues will be resolved in rapid and accurate manner.

Yahoo Email Customer Support Number - Call Now +1-844-294-5017 USA

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